CREATIWE offers marketing and market acquisition services

Marketing – the formulation of marketing plans and their implementation, starting from a basic idea until the presentation of the final results to the client.

If you have an idea, we will be happy to listen and offer a plan for its implementation.

If you need new ideas, feel free to contact us – we like to generate them! Re-inventing the wheel? Why not? If the work plan requires it, we may formulate the presentation of well-known products in a creative and eye-catching way.

Export and Import – planning and implementation of the export market acquisition strategy, taking into account the client’s goals and financial instruments available in the internal and external funding.

SEO – a website performance audit to offer an action plan for optimizing website’s search results on top search engines.

Internet Advertising – auditing and optimizing existing Google Ads Campaigns to get higher results with less monthly pay per Click or Conversion. Development of new Google Ads Campaigns.

Friendly to Nature and People – development and implementation of a strategy for socially and nature-friendly commercial environment.